Songs and Stories every week!!!

Songs and Stories every week!!!

"Drunk, Stoned and Broke"first single from the "Dagg Sessions"  AVAILABLE NOW!!!

The Whiskey Wednesday Show: Living The Dream With Ken TIzzard

Weekly Livestream 8pm EST (9:30 in NL) Every Wednesday

Now in partnership with Traynor/Yorkville Sound and Longtooth Beverage Company... 

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Ken Tizzard:  From Newfoundland, living in Campbellford(ON) writes songs and makes records.  Bassist for The Watchmen, Ron Hynes, Thornley/(ex)Big Wreck. Currently working on a new album with the new band Ken Tizzard and Music For Goats.  Enjoy the site!!! 

All Together Now

available now on vinyl or digital download

Purchase Cinyl $30 (+s/h)

Here is a sample from Whiskey Wednesday

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