Boots of Spanish Leather - Whiskey Wednesday Dylan Special

Recorded and filmed at Storey House Studio

House - Ron Hynes cover for CD Baby

Home - from "No Dark No Light"

Mud On My Boots from "No Dark No Light'"

Pale Blue Sky - Whiskey Wednesday Live

Judgement from "A Good Dog Is Lost"

Summer's End - John Prine cover from Whiskey Wednesday

Devils and Dust (Springsteen cover) recorded for JLac at KRock NL

Sonny's Dream - from "A Good Dog Is Lost"

Mad World - Tears For Fears cover from Whiskey Wednesday

1962 - Ron Hynes cover from Whiskey Wednesday

Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carrol - Dylan cover from the Whiskey Wednesday All Dylan Special

Fare Thee Well - Live from the EMCA's

Cover Me recorded in Savannah Georgia from "Lost In Awe"

Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison cover (Whiskey Wednesday)

Mud On My Boots live from the album "No Dark No Light"

The Devil - from the album "No Dark No Light"

Weight Of The World - filmed at the Aron from the Album "Between The Lines"

A Good Dog Is Lost - live acoustic from Whiskey Wednesday

Pale Blue Sky - Live at Market Hall with Jane Archer

Brokedown - Slaid Cleaves cover from Whiskey Wednesday

Fare Thee Well demo featuring Elly Kelly on accordion

Sonny's Dream live from Brigus NL with daughters Caitlyn and Cassidy

I Like To Get High - Live acoustic from Whiskey Wednesday

Boy From Old Perlican - filmed on tour in Northern Alberta and British Columbia

One Frost Away - demo featuring stills from around Campbellford

37 Bullets from "No Dark No Light'

Christmas Ain't The Same - demo with photo including 4 generations of Tizzard's

This Town Of Mine - acoustic from Whiskey Wednesday

Waste Your Time - acoustic from Whiskey Wednesday

If You Were Wrong And I Was Right - acoustic from "Quiet Storey House"

All Becasue Of You - my first ever video from "Quiet Storey House"


Pancho and Lefty (Townes Van Zandt cover) from a Monday night rehearsal at the Storey House

I Like To Get High - unreleased song from Whiskey Wednesday

Summer's End - Ken Tizzard and Music For Goats (John Prine cover)

The King Is Gone - George Jones cover from Whiskey Wednesday

Sonny's Dream - Whiskey Wednesday with guests Caitlyn and Cassidy

Man Of A Thousand Songs - Ron Hynes cover live from the Burdock

Christmas Ain't The Same - live with MFG

The Other Side of Wrong - from The Goodness of Bad Intent


Pale Blue Sky - live from G's Place

Time To Remember - from the album "The Goodness of Bad intent"

This Town Of Mine - from the album The Goodness Of Bad Intent

The Devil - demo from "No Dark No Light"

Weight Of The World - live in Kingston

Police On My Back - Clash cover live in Kingston


Stereo - From "Silent Radar"

All Uncovered - from "In The Trees"

Boneyard Tree - from the album "In The Trees"

Shut Up - live from the album "Brand New Day"

Absolutely Anytime - live from the album "SloMotion"

All Uncovered - featuring Ian Thornley on guitar live

Holiday - filmed upstairs at the Rivoli - from the album "SloMotion"

Wheat Kings (Hip cover) live at the DMH

Stereo - live at the Traynor 50th Anniversary party

Story of My Life and All Uncovered live at DMH

Wheat Kings alt perspective live at DMH


Come Again

So Far So Good - live on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno

So Far So Good

Conscience and Consequence - live at Tattoo

Come Again live from the Phoenix


Pale Blue Sky with guest Jane Archer live from Market Hall

American Woman with Randy Bachman

Sonny's Dream live at Hugh's Room - yes I am there three feet to his right and two feet behind... miss this guy

Sonny's Dream with MFG and my daughters at the Horseshoe