Recorded at That Little Pub...sounds like a little pub...” - KT

Over the last few years a collection of musicians have been hanging around with songwriter Ken Tizzard.  This collection of musical friendships have slowly evolved into "Ken Tizzard and Music For Goats."  With Ken Grant on bass, Neil Lucy on acoustic guitar and Steve Dagg on drums this quartet have spent the better part of the last year meeting up on Wednesday nights at "The Little Pub" and learning Ken Tizzard's large collection of original music and sometimes obscure cover tunes.

In January, Ken Tizzard and Music For Goats recorded  three nights at "That Little Pub" in Campbellford. Locals have been supporting Whiskey Wednesday for almost ten years and we took this opportunity to capture a little piece of our collective history. For almost a decade Ken works on new material, attempts cover song requests and generally relaxes, has a drink, a puff and completely enjoys playing music with friends.

"It is unlike any other aspect of my musical career; and I love the freedom it allows."

So how do you capture this for a record? "That was a struggle for me."  With a packed house made up of an audience of 30 people, how do you capture something that relates that experience? With no techs, no sound man, no guitar changes, no stage room for four band members and microphones; these evenings are usually a hot sweaty mess. And that is part of the beauty. 

"When I first listened to the files I realized a few things - I talk way too much and the more I drink, the more the banter becomes part of the evening. Hmmm? How much of the banter do I cut? How much of the songs do I clean up? How pro do I make this sound?

After a week of cleaning and editing it was sounding fantastic. Sounded like we were playing some incredibly acoustic theatre. I had muted mistakes and half-played notes in order to correct later. But something was wrong... It didn't sound like the pub anymore. 

I started again... removed all the compressors, eqs, and any effects and started re-mixing using just faders and pan. 
Suddenly it sounded like the pub. It sounded crowded, it had mistakes, I slur a bit too much, the harmonies are close but not perfect - and a few of the guitar solos are, well... almost tragic!"


After some research it was not surprising to find most of our favourite live records had been re-recorded in the studio after the recordings were taped. This is not uncommon and Ken Tizzard and Music For Goats are not against it. It just wasn't the way to go for this album. 

Ken Tizzard and Music For Goats 
Living The Dream 
(Live at That Little Pub) 
coming June 24th, 2020

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Ken Tizzard and Music For Goats - pic Steve Dagg

Ken Tizzard and Music For Goats - pic Steve Dagg

Ken Tizzard - pic Steve Dagg

Ken Tizzard - pic Steve Dagg

Ken Tizzard and Music For Goats - pic Steve Dagg

Ken Tizzard and Music For Goats - pic Steve Dagg

Radio Edits - press 'ff" on right to select track to download - These tracks have been edited for radio (banter removed), all FCC clean if you require a different format for your station please contact

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