The Disgusting Six Foot Bubble...

Great news!!! I have not had heartburn in about ten days, which is huge because Tums and Rolaids are not unusual on a almost daily basis.  Again I would like to shed light on the wonders of essential oil - a DoTerra product called Zen Gest came into my life about ten days ago.  I love the scent and have been huffing it like a paint addict in alleyway from some NY City street gang movie set in the the 80’s.  As well I rub a bit on my chest from time to time.  Apparently this Zen Gest is perfectly targeted for heartburn … Then again… I have not had Tim Horton’s in ten days.  Medicine versus poison (figurative language of course - I know they’re watching me ever since my bagel post a few weeks ago).

So this brings me to todays random bits of information which I have been calling a blog.  Allison and I have been working with a naturopath and other food specialists in order to get a better understanding of how to help Allison using food.  Some Neurologist’s would argue, “You can’t heal MS with food.”  And we appreciate both sides of the argument.  We decided long ago (four years or so) to embrace both the Naturopathic/Holistic and the Medical/Pharmacutical side of things.  There have been times when during medical treatments we swayed a little closer to that field of science and in the spaces between would try to maintain good health through other non-medical approaches.

Today we are using both sides to the fullest.  Meal preparation has changed from how we choose food, how we clean, prepare and accept with a positive state of mind (yes mindfulness plays a part here as well).

Cleaning - Now that Allison’s immune system is compromised we have to be careful about all sorts of germs and such.  Simple coughs can become dangerous easily and we have been told to imagine each person walking around in a six foot bubble which is filled with their germs.  That’s kinda gross and pretty darn scary when you're immune system is weakened or gone completely (this is the end goal for Allison’s procedure, to entirely erase the immune system and rebuild it from scratch using her own stem cells).  

Ok Purell, Lysol, antibacterial disinfectant and of course products from DoTerra are in our arsenal.  I personally find myself wiping my hands every three to five minutes when I am standing and cooking or such (I have had a sniffle and have to be careful).  If I am sitting and go to get up I do a complete hand wash and spray of DoTerra (On Guard) or Lysol air spray on the area I was sitting / often even spraying down my clothes.  If I happen to nap on the couch I spray the pillow after use… this goes on and on.  I won’t get into the multi-step procedure we have developed for going to the bathroom.  Regardless, I have never been so clean in all my life.  My teenage punk rock self would laugh and call me crazy, “…its only dirt,” I can hear myself saying.  But for now it is not about me and my unconventional belief in how long you can wear a pair of jeans for before washing.  For now it is about being safe and germ free.

With meal prep I take all items out of bags.  Put bags/packaging in garbage an proceed to wash down the kitchen area where I just had everything.  Then all washable food items get sprayed with a 3% hydrogen peroxide (food grade) spray which I keep on the counter.  Then everything is washed and dried with a clean paper towel.  From there is it a systematic series of events while I cut, cook, and clean in between every step.  

By the way I do have OCD and have been clinically diagnosed and treated for this now for twenty years.  I am finally able to embrace my neurotic behaviour for a good reason.



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