Thank You All...Go Fund Me goal Reached...

Wow!!! I cannot believe that we reached the Go Fund Me goal of $20,000.  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You…  

When Allison and I began processing this procedure and what was involved, we knew that we were going to need some help financially.  It is one of those strange times where you know you need help, you also know the stress of unexpected major life expenses and the toll it can take.  I personally have been involved with many fundraisers over the years.  From large corporate causes to barn/house fire local events I have contributed and never really given it a second thought.

When you are on the other end it is incredible.  Tough at first to let people know that you are in need, but once you do - wow they step up. The Go Fund Me was one part of a few different fundraising initiatives that are happening. The folks at Allison’s school and church (St.Mary’s) have tied in with the High School Band (CDHS) to organize a Spaghetti Dinner here in Campbellford (Thursday April 25th). As well the local music scene and friends have stepped up to have 6 bands playing at the Legion (Saturday May 10th) as a show of support.  Sideways (local Bar) has added to the mix with a show this weekend featuring Durty Curty and they are helping out as well.  Wow! 

We are super appreciative and as we get closer we realize how much this support has made a huge difference on our positive state of mind.  Thanks to you, we were able to pay the first 6 month lease on the apartment and did not need to stress about.  The number of required items that we never expected is vast.  From Chemo scarves and a wig for Allison to an air purifying system, thermometers, water filtration systems, tens machine for pain and so much more.  We cannot say what a relief it has been to be able to secure these items without the stress of where the money is coming from and when and if it runs out.  

We are ten days away from our move.  Twelve days away from the start of treatment.  The loose ends that we are tucking away before it all begins have been made easier with your help.  Knowing you are there for us, the messages, letters, phone calls and visits to make sure everything is okay - absolutely amazing.  

Thank You All So Much…..

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