Settled in on the 12th floor...

We pulled away from home today and I pressed play on the car stereo. The album “Doolittle” by the Pixies got us the first 45 minutes down the highway. Allison was pretty upset. If things go as planned she will not be home to see Cassidy graduate or help her pack to go off to university. As parents we have done a pretty good job of being there for our girls as they have grown up. Not that we feel that both kids in university means we are done our parenting job, however we always thought we’d be there for all the milestones before they headed out on their own. 

Both girls have been home the last week or so. Caitlyn has been going the extra mile to come home from Peterborough and spend time with mom and I before we head to Ottawa. The community has been super supportive. We have neighbours and friends who will be taking care of the yard and staying with Cassidy. Food is being brought by the house and there is no shortage of love and support. 

I had a great weekend myself. Friday night I met up with some of my favourite people for drinks and a social hour and on Saturday the band played in Toronto at one of the last shows for some time. Great to see friends and share what’s going on with everything.

On Sunday my older sister Paula, and her family came for an Easter visit.  This gave me an excuse to indulge in another of my favourite turkey dinner.  Lucky for me I remembered to pick up a few bottles of Newfoundland Savoury last time I was home.  Mmmmmm... 

Last weeks trip to Ottawa was pretty much a whirlwind. The meeting with the team at the hospital helped us to understand the first 12 days or so of the treatment. I am not a scientist and am sure the doctors involved understand the complex terminology. For the purpose of this blog I will keep things simple - as I understand them. This first part is a dose of chemo followed by a treatment to stimulate the growth of Allison’s bone marrow. This can be quite painful as the marrow creates pressure from inside the bones. Once her system floods with stem cells they harvest the cells, clean them, removing any damaged or compromised cells. These clean and pure stem cells are then frozen. At this point we have a break of time where we monitor Allison to see and treat any effects of her first round of chemo and the treatment for stimulated marrow growth. More details to follow as it happens. 

We are settled into Ottawa now. High above the ground on the 12th floor of a 14 storey apartment building. I have been messing with the thermostat all day. Even with the cool air on it is still 81 degrees here and I have to open the window to remove the claustrophobic air.  Folks in the business office are extremely helpful. Only took five trips to the car to unload everything. 

Here we go folks. Welcome along. Cheers. 

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