Pills for the Pills and more pills for the other pills...

We got pills for the pills and more pills for the other pills…. and so it goes here in Room 5216 (don’t drop in, they wont let you through the gate).



After several weeks of tampering with Allison’s immune system here is where we stand.  She has been in bed in the hospital now for 14 days and during this time her mobility has been almost nil.  Her immune system today is at zero.  Doctors believe we should start platelet and blood transfusions in the next day or so.  Now is the time for constant monitoring and managing the side effects of all the treatment.  This part of the process is expected to continue for another 8 weeks.  The long laundry list of possible complications is an area which we avoid dwelling on.


Chemo Round One - Check

Filgrastim to stimulate Bone Marrow to produce stem cells - Check

Harvesting of Stem Cells - Check

Anti-Seizure Treatment - Check

Chemo Round Two-Five - Check

Chemo Round Six-Nine - Check

ATG antibody treatment - Check

Stem Cell Transplant - Check


Assortment of side effects range from headaches, body pain, nerve pain, nausea, stomach issues, double vision, loss of mobility, loss of appetite, water retention, drowsiness and disorientation and a few other things I may have missed.


Today is what they refer to as Day Three.  Allison had her transplant on Tuesday which although the high point in the process, it was also a little anti-climactic. 


Here is the FB post from day of transplant:


So the transplant is complete! We had been told by the doctors that for all the preparation we would find this part a little less exciting than it should be.


Two small bags of Allison’s cells arrived in a cryogenic container. They were thawed and administered via IV. Took less than an hour.


The one exciting things it that the hospital made the full transition to being paperless this past weekend. It has been interesting to watch the staff adjust to the new computer systems that they now wheel from room to room. Allison’s transplant today was the first on the new system and there was more hubub about the computer integration than the process itself. That added an extra dose of special.


All is calmed down here and Allison will rest for the afternoon while her stem cells flow through her body looking for their place in her system.

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