Getting through the list and commentary on treatments...

So we are down to eight days till departure.  We have accomplished so much in the last two weeks.  Uprooting our lives is not easy, but we are getting there.  Allison is done with school for at least 16 months and I have scratched most of my schedule clear for the next 6 months and will assess in the fall where things might go regarding touring and shows.  

Lots of little details; winter tires removed from cars, arrangements made for our daughters while we are away, taxes, runs to Costco, yard maintenance and spring clean is organized, wig fitting, sorted a portable studio for the apartment, OSAP, arranged PSW for Ottawa, set up food delivery, followed up with therapists and naturopath, booked flights for a few Watchmen shows, arranged gear to be in cities when it is needed, Will and Power of Attorney, dentist, new eye glasses, sorted out Cassidy’s prom and grad, dogs to vet, updated heart worm, flea and tick and so many other details… and we have not started packing yet…


We just finished up a meeting with a representative from DoTERRA who dropped off a bunch of smelly stuff for Allison. As well they have a great antibacterial soap and a hand spray for me to carry with me during my travels over the next few months.

Do we believe Aromatherapy?  Do we believe in Naturopathic medicine?  Hell ya!  Now that being said, we have allowed room in our lives for science based medicine and nature based medicine.  Over the last four years we have tried so many different options.  From the science of chemotherapy to energy healers who sat quietly by the bed while Allison slept.  In all honesty I don’t understand a lot of this but we have remained open.  

I can say from my point of view and with some insight into Allison’s journey: 

Medicine is science and tends to work.  

Meditation and mindfulness works.  

Food works.  

Positivity works.  

Exercise is great.  

I hate needles but acupuncture.

Music has healing powers.

Tapping is working for Allison.

Osteopath is very helpful.

Cannibis is an incredible medicine.

Massage feels great and seems to work.

Chiropractors fix immediate problems.

Cupping is interesting and had a great effect for my back.

Aquatherapy is good exercise.

Yoga is all around amazing.

Any people out there looking for a great naturopathic doctor we recommend Teri Jaklin at the Watertown Clinic in Burlington, Ontario.  She is a naturopathic doctor who has MS and is very insightful and helpful with maintaining a healthy body and mind while navigating the world of MS. 

Stay tuned more to come…


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