First week impressions...

One week into our Ottawa residency and wow what a trip! This week had some extreme highs and lows as we had anticipated. We quickly overcame the change of housing as Allison had done some crazy preparations in the weeks before leaving home. The apartment is nice. Has a nice open kitchen and a small space for me to set up a mobile recording area (demoing some new tunes which is exciting). We had to grab a bed topper as the mattress was more firm that we are used to. Otherwise most everything was as perfect as it could be. 

It took most of the week and several shopping trips to get the place outfitted with our needs. Can openers, groceries and new light bulbs to replace the Uber bright LED bulbs they provide. So many basics you don't think about when you have been in a home for 20 years.

We worked through a cleaning and maintainable regime and set the white board up with a schedule of meds and needs.

Recap of treatment. Allison had chemo last week. Very intense and had to be checked into the hospital for 24 hours. Process went well with none of the possible side effects. Great news. 
Day one after chemo Allison started her Filgrastim - 2 injections a day to stimulate bone marrow production and increase stem cells in blood stream. This goes on for ten days. 

The day after chemo Allison was crazy mad with energy. She perhaps slept 2 hours on Saturday night as she was wired and planning and writing notes to friends and planning and writing and planning and writing. A bit manic in fact. It was quite funny and we had some much needed laughter during this time.


Sunday was equally emotional but with Allison crying in and off throughout the day with no special reason. Allison has always been a crier. I got used to it early on. In fact in the beginning I was so unfamiliar with big displays of tears that it really freaked me out for the first few years. After which I became accustomed to her moments of crying and accepted that it was a part of who she was. Sunday was a crazy day for tears. Nothing in particular but just a general cry for happy, funny or sad.  Those of you who know Allison understand that she is a hand talker.

Monday through Friday was a consistent decline as the pain set in. By the end of the week Allison has given in to the Codeine and accepted it as part of our regime. The codeine mixed with her MS debilitation has left her pretty out of it and immobile. Most of the days now are spent managing pain and helping her from bed to couch to washroom and back again. 
We are aware this is the drill. We are ready for it. It is all leading to a much better place. 

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