DAY 100!!!!

Day 100!!!! We made it. Wow!! What a trip. Congratulations!!! Time to celebrate!!!

In all reality, day 100 is a big deal. This is the point where the effects of the chemotherapy begin to diminish. Allison’s appetite should begin to return and her hair is starting to regrow. Her nausea should begin to affect her less and less and she should begin to have a little more energy in the days.   Most importantly, this is when her immune system will have started to rebuild itself. 

Day 99 saw Allison with more nausea and fatigue than we have seen since day 10. It was a bad day. One of the worst in a while.
But that is okay. Day 100 is a general indicator. They explained to us that 2 years was the reasonable healing time. 730 days make up two years and we are at day 100. We knew not to expect miracles. At our last appointment Allison’s bloodwork shows progress with her immune system that is completely as it should be. Her monthly transfusion of immunoglobulin will help her to fight some things off while her system rebuilds itself. The immune system is the key part now. As it does regrow her bone marrow the expectation is that it will “reset” her immune system without the MS cells. She will always have MS, but the attacks will cease and the disease will be much more manageable. 

We couldn’t have done this without all of you and for that we do celebrate on day 100. Your kindness, donations, support and friendship had kept us afloat through this time and continues to help us every day. We are far from finished this journey but we are sort of “out of the woods.” From here is it a lot of rest and rebuilding. 


BTW - This is Dr.Atkins with Allison on our last visit to Ottawa.  He is one of the leads for this treatment and we could not have been under better care.

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