Community Spaghetti Dinner...

On Thursday night the school where Allison works (St.Mary’s) hosted a fundraiser for the family at our local high school CDHS.  Allison has been teaching in this town for almost 20 years.  She has taught children who are now adults and have kids of their own. 

She has been such a positive influence on so many and they demonstrated this on Thursday.  The CDHS Jazz Band performed and spaghetti was served to all.  Both of our girls went through CDHS and both were involved heavily in the Jazz Band.  It certainly was nice to see the girls getting support from their friends and the school community.  There was a great crowd and we felt the support all the way in Ottawa as people sent us pictures and messages as the evening unfolded. 

pic... above are several students of Allison's from the years gone by who came out for the night...

We cannot find enough words to say thank you to the local community who have rallied around us to help us during this time.  For the event itself we thank all the volunteers, CDHS and St.Mary’s staff, the cooks, cleaners, band, servers, and everybody in between.  Special thanks to Amy-Jo Doherty and Dave Noble for spearheading the event.

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