A few words from Allison herself...

Allison has a few close friends (The Ladies) who she shares her thoughts with.  I know this blog is mostly from my perspective but every now and then Allison lets me steal some of her words… here is what she has been chatting about recently…

Every morning I do a meditation/tapping routine and part of what I say is going to be my plan going forward……

My goal is to only do things that fit into one of these areas each day...

“Today I choose faith

I choose joy

I choose laughter

I choose love

Today I choose

What do I want this day to be like?”


So I’m going to just focus on things that will improve my health. 

1)Tracking things the hospital needs me to focus on each day (temperature 5x a day, liquid intake, pain, nausea etc. And of course it wouldn’t be a list without urine and BM tracking).

2)Right now I am in chemo/needle symptom control, so doing things like heating pads, meditation, resting, eating well. Today I’m specifically dealing with a nausea and pain. 

3)I have used an essential oil diffuser for a long time and I have recently discovered more and more things I like about essential oil’s, this makes me excited so I’m going to explore this option more.

4)Updating you ladies-Well you are firmly still on my list, I actually smile and laugh out loud when I am talking into my phone. Maybe not a lot of laughing today but I’ll get back there soon. As I said before it’s a therapeutic way of me getting my thoughts down, and why not share them with the ones I love. But of course if this gets too much I’ll back away from this too!

5)My “alternative” treatment team, I work with a therapist, naturopath, essential oil expert (all on line) and here in Ottawa we are working with an amazing nutritionist. This is quite an exciting new discovery, she runs a gluten free, vegan restaurant but also consults and is working individually with us, here is her website-https://simplyrawexpress.com/

I chose to do these alternative things because they most importantly make me feel good but even more it is something that I can do that is within my control. I know the medical (Chemo/transplant) protocols need to be followed and I’m doing nothing that interferes with that only things to compliment it! 

5)mindfulness-only one word that has truly changed my outlook, by the end of our journey through this treatment ladies, you will believe in it too!

And as I have already started doing (which I am pretty proud I finally asked for real help) I will continue to reach out to you all individually when and how you can support me. I already  have some ideas so look out for personalized texts over the next week or so. 

But ladies my hope is very strong and not wavering, I will get through this and my MS will be halted! 

I will leave you with....every night before I go to sleep I visualize my immune system starting from scratch and recreating itself without MS.


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