911- all okay now...

Update. 911 (all is ok now)...

It is 3:09 am and I should be sleeping. I should be sleeping because I need to be up at 6am to take Allison to the hospital to have her PICC line out in place. I should be in bed because it is the middle of the night. Allison should be sleeping soundly beside me, but alas. I just followed the ambulance with my wife inside across town to Ottawa General. 

Allison is stable right now and I am waiting to talk to a doctor. Allison is scheduled to be admitted to hospital for 8-10 days starting Saturday. It appears she may be checking in a little early.

So what’s going on. According to Dr.Ken ( me with my pure speculation / sort of) Allison started a new anti seizure medication on Saturday night. They use this as a proactive defence against the small possibility of seizures during Allison’s chemo. Apparently one of the chemo therapies works inside the brain and crosses easily through the blood brain barrier. This high dose working in this way can trigger seizures in some patients. 

By Tuesday Allison was experiencing some severe negative reactions (dizziness, fatigue, muscle spasticity issues, loss of mobility) so we went to the hospital and they decided to change her meds up. On Thursday (second day new meds) Allison has a bad day. Pretty dark and depressed with a good dose of pain and discomfort. Went to bed around 9pm and at 2:30 woke to go to the bathroom and that’s when things got weird. 

She began slurring and not really making sense. Adding to this the different size pupils, trouble catching her breath, clammy skin, and her feeling like she was falling even though she was sitting still. 

I quickly called 911 and waited for the ambulance folk to arrive. We got her vitals and her blood pressure was pretty low. They decided to take her to hospital and I packed a bag and followed. 
So I sit here st 3:19 and wait. More to come..

It is now 6:15. My alarm just went off to start the day and get Allison to the hospital for 7am. But we are here already. Allison is in bed resting and I am sitting in a chair next to here bed. I think the plan is to get her PICC in as planned and then admit her into hospital a day early. I won’t know for another hour or so - until then ... sit, stare, browse twitter, sit some more ...

Allison returned to the room around 9am. PICC line was in successfully and she was feeling much better. By mid morning a member of the team (hematologist) arrived and cleared Allison for. One of the expected blips in the road and he was confident all will be fine until tomorrow when she gets admitted for 8 days of chemo. 

What a ride!!! 12:19 in the early afternoon and I am heading to bed. Allison is comfortable on the couch. You can tell by the smile in the pic of us leaving the hospital that she is feeling a thousand times better.


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