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What Folks Are Saying...

 "Doing Ron right, doing Ron proud, Tizzard puts his heart into this much-needed tribute." Bob Mersereau - Top 100 Canadian Blog

A Good Dog is Lost is a loving tribute to the songs of Ron Hynes, a songwriter who continues to inspire so many. Ken hit it out of the park with this one.  Paul Kinsman - Host of Great Newfounaland Songbook - VOCM 

"A great album is found.  Here’s to hoping that this is the first in a series of Ron Hynes cover albums." - Andrew Younghusband - Canada's Worst Driver

"Taking on an iconic songbook such as Ron Hynes is no small feat, but Ken accomplishes it with an ease that only a true fan of Ron Hynes would comprehend. Beautifully crafted with friends, family and with Ron in their hearts. You can feel the love on this album, something the world needs right now."– Jason ‘JLaC’ LaCour - 97.5 K-Rock Newfoundland Classic Rock

“Ken conjures the spirit of Ron Hynes in a hauntingly beautiful and inspiring way on this album and captures the bond between two friends in a way only music can”- Steve Johnson-HoosierDevil/Jam in the Trees 

"A goose-bump inducing tribute that stirs your memories and your soul." - John Dunham - Universal Music Canada

On A Good Dog Is Lost, Ken Tizzard pays eloquent tribute to the work of Newfoundland's poet laureate Ron Hynes, his friend and mentor. Ron's much-loved classics and some lesser-known tunes are given fresh new treatments, making this collection of songs a must for all who appreciate Hynes' songwriting genius. - Kerry Doole - Freelance Music Writer/FYIMusicNews

 "I could just see that little grin on Ron's face if he was to listen to this wonderfully thought out and well put together collection of his songs. Well done Ken." - Charles MacPhail-  Hynesite Music

"A top notch and passionate rendering of Ron Songs. No easy feat, pulled off in spades. 10 out of 10 from me !" - Connie Corkum Hynes 

"Ken Tizzard’s interpretations of Ron Hynes’ wonderful songs show great respect for Ron and shine with Ken’s own warmth and beautiful musicianship." - Paul Mills - Independant Producer ”Get Back Change“, “Ron Hynes” and “Stealing Genius”

"Ken Tizzard applies a sympathetic approach to the songs of Ron Hynes by way of a "LESS IS MORE" philosophy on this tribute album. With a gentle, at ease vocal delivery, melodic sensitivities and spare production, it would be hard to improve on this offering". - Anthony Ploughman - Fred's Records