MS Christmas Uodate.

We haven’t posted much in a while. Why? Well the realities of a 12/24 month recovery are upon us. And the reality is that everything is moving at a snails pace. Allison is doing fantastic on a cellular level. Her bone marrow is regenerating and her immune system is rebuilding. About 8 weeks ago her appetite returned and she has started to gain some much needed weight. Her stamina is improving and she has an exercise regime which goes from ankle rolls to assisted standing and sitting.
During this time we are just kinda hanging out. We have read books, played cards, watched tv, and sometimes just sit staring at each other. We have an amazing group of people around us who have been helping when I have to be away for shows and each day Allison is a little stronger in some way.
The girls are home for Xmas and having them here is a major positive force. Just having somebody else to chat with Allison is so good for her. Although there is always something to be done, the boredom for Allison is staggering on some days. She is going on 13 months of couch to bed and hospital. It amazes me how she is managing this whole life changing event.
We will keep you all up to date with progress but it is slow and there won’t be much as we bunker down for the winter.

We could not have gotten through last year without all of you. Thanks so much and Merry Xmas.

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