Broadening the horizon...

I want to say thanks from the bottom of my heart for the folks who have helped to sustain my life in music for so many years.  There used to be a time when the Record Companies covered a lot of upfront costs and gave the artists time to develop and prove ourselves to all the music lovers and in turn you would attend shows and buy cd's.  We al know that has changed.  And we all know we cannot go back to a time before digital distribution changed everything. 

I have no crystal ball to see wha the future of live events will look like. We can see the obvious upswing in virtual concert experiences. From large bands performing at drive in style concerts across multiple continents simultaneously to thousands of folks to solo artists performing from their couch to a handful of listeners - this will become a more normal part of the fabric.

In my unique circumstance this means that digital concerts are going to be a part of my future.  Not at all saying I won't go back on the road when the time comes but for now... Home is where the heart (and all my gear) is.  Without ticket sales for live shows and the addition of folks buying merch at in-person events this leaves me with a deficit.  And lets not forget that I am not alone.  The world is closed down and so many people are facing financial pressures way beyond mine and I am hesitant to charge a fee for what I have been doing on Whiskey Wednesday.  So many positive messages and thanks have come our way in recent months that I genuinely believe that this is for now my intended niche.


Recently I did add a Tip Jar.  And the response has been amazing.  From folks sending in $5 to $200 per Wednesday, some setting up recurring monthly donations - I am amazed at the support.  Thanks so much.  And it is always appreciated. Never required or expected, but definitely appreciated.

As I said when I set up the donation link - I will put proceeds into developing the show and making it better for everybody who has been so supportive.  This week I spent a lot of time researching ways to broadcast to multiple platforms and make the show flow a little more.  I have settled into a combination of Switcer Studio and ReStream to meet these requirements.  Switcher Stream will help me to use multiple cameras and set up and as well add some neat features that I hoep to learn how to use properly.  ReStream is a company that takes your broadcast and redistributes it simultaneously to multiple platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pages, Twitch and Youtube.

Starting this week you can watch the broadcast as always at 

in addition you should be able to watch and comment through:

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