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Stephen Colbert - you have my logo...

Stephen Colbert - you have my logo

One of the fun aspects of being independent is artwork and design.  I absolutely love spending hours inside Photoshop or more recently Pixelmator (for those of you on a Mac looking for a more economical alternative) moving shapes around to create posters, logos and other artwork.  From time to time you stumble upon something that really feels comfortable.  During the KTBI record I came up with a logo which worked with a piece of chalk, a marker or could be used for more produced designs.  The cross/plus sign with the KTBI letters in each section became the logo for the album, posters, hats, shirts and other merch items.  I loved the simplicity and quick recognition of such a design.

At rehearsal on Friday Mr.Grant says to me, “I see that Stephen Colbert is now using our logo.”  We joke and continue with our evening.  In the morning I wake up with this bit of information rattling around in my brain.  I watch the recent episode of the Late Show and there it is… 

Stephen Colbert - you have my logo video

Within an hour I had written a song, shot a video and uploaded it for the world to see.

I am not saying they stole it.  

I am not saying I am upset.  

I am not saying they even saw my logo.  

But I am saying it is fun for me.  

As a folk singer from Canada, getting exposure on such a show is near impossible.  If you feel like helping to get the word to Mr.Colbert, and perhaps if he finds entertainment in the message, he might play along and have me on the show.  Who knows?  Stranger things have happened.

Below are some contacts via e-mail and twitter… feel free to help me get the video out and hopefully into his eyes.

As well, feel free to send the link to any local media, radio station you feel might enjoy a chuckle...

@StephenAtHome - Stephen Colbert

@colbertlateshow - Late Show

@heyitsopus - head staff writer

Publicity -

Thanks and have a great day



Great stuff Ken! I agree, I think Stephen would be wise to pull you up on his stage and let you Rock the world!! He's got a great show, and it would work well! Go gettem!

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