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MS Update - One Year In...


Last night, as I stirred during my sleep, I could not help but notice that my wife was awake every time I glanced her way.  On her phone, computer, watching tv and just sitting awake.  Today is the first follow up MRI, with our neurologist at the Ottawa MS clinic, since her initial diagnosis almost one year ago. It has been almost thee weeks since the MRI's were taken and I have been trying to keep this date out of mind ever since. We have no idea what to expect today, there is so much unknown with this disease. It can change course at any time and a wide array of symptoms can develop with little notice. That is one of the many difficult things about this disease, the unknown. 

MRI results offer insight into the progression of lesions on the brain and spinal cord as well as provide information on the effectiveness of the treatment. My wife is on a daily injection of Copaxone which is a newer drug which has been getting good results. We do not really know what to expect from today's visit to the MS Clinic in Ottawa.  Some say stress from these sort of checkups may not be worthy of the results, as there is not a lot we can do with the information. There are many facets to the treatment methods we have chosen. A neurologist here in Ottawa, a naturopath in Burlington, physiotherapist, optometrist, physiatrist, massage therapist, chiropractor and family doctor. 

When we were first informed about the diagnosis we were told it is sort of like having a new family member, a full time job and a whole lot of clerical work that we were to organize into our life. We have found this to be very true. Managing this disease is a bit of a full time job for us. We have met people who are doing no treatments at all and on the other end, folks who are spending $120,000 to go to foreign countries for treatments related to stem cell research. For us finding our balance has really been about listening to Allison's body and intuition. We are very comfortable with all our different health care choices and even though some of them do not believe in what the other is practicing, we have found a good method so far with different treatments which do not interfere with each other. 



So out regular vegan restaurant (The Green Door) was closed - one of the changes we have had to make in our household is dietary. Gluten and Dairy Free - makes it hard to make a pancake.  we have come to love The Green Door as its food is healthy and awesome. We did find a nice takeout called Greek On Wheels which turned out to be great takeaway food.  We ate in the car and headed to the hospital. 











We sat patiently on the 4th floor of Ottawa General, anxiety high, Allison played solitaire on her phone while I put in some time on a new game myself.  At 1:30 sharp we were called in to see Dr.Rush.  She was pleased with Allison’s progression and the MRI showed no new or spreading lesions.  She proceeded with a few neurological tests and at the end - all good news.  It appears the treatment course we are on is working now, but the neurologist did remind us that MS can change course at anytime.  Learning to deal with symptoms day by day and not get caught up un the fear of what may come is tough for me.  Not much to be done about that, just try and take things one day at a time.   

It was a long day of driving and a lot of stress but all in all a day well spent in our nation's capitol.


Love and hugs Allison. Pleasant thoughts of you. So happy things are going well. Remember, we have your back. Your Ohio family
Appreciate your update and vulnerability. Why does life seem to be getting harder as we live longer?? Love and prayers to you both xo
Happy to hear of positive results! Love and light to you and your family!
Oh my friend... I had no idea. My love and heartfelt wishes for continued good news to all of you. She's a lucky woman to have partner like you!
Thanks for sharing...think of you often.
Omg just read this. I hope things will work out. She was my daughter's teacher and we just loved her. Thinking of all of you. Lots of love and light.
Love to you guys!!!

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