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ECMW - excited to see the East Coast Again...

This past year I've started attending conferences.  For years, with the Watchmen, we performed at COCA and such industry events.  I always found the enormous amount of schmoozing to be a bit dreary and insincere.  Last fall I attended FMO for the first time and found few elements of schmalzy, artificial handshaking -it was more of a musical family than my past experiences had found.  I stood in the background, lurking in the shadows, performed at my showcases, saw some great music, and offered music to those interested.  It was fun.  I actually made a new friend and met a few industry folks in person that I had been working with from a distance for some time.

So this year I am attending the ECMW for the first time.  I am anticipating a lot of old buds from the East Coast to be there partying and making music.  I am pleased with the showcase offers that I have been chosen to represent and as well to play bass in the Ron Hynes Tribute for the Awards show on the Thursday.  I will keep a journal and bring you all up to speed in due time.



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