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Crossing Borders Part 1...

Touring in the US has been a great mystery for me when it comes to immigration and work visa red tape.  For years I toured with the Watchmen and Thornley and with assistance from management, agency and Record Companies I had little to do aside from having my passport in order and showing up at the specific time and place.  As an independent artist getting access to the US is not as cut and dry. 


I have many friends who take their chances and cross the border regularly to work without the proper paperwork in order.  In the day and age of internet searches it seems pretty easy for Immigration border control officers to search to see if you are doing shows in the US.  For me it is not work the risk of getting caught and being banned from the US for a period of time.  So...


I often get requests for cross border shows and house concerts and until now I have avoided the headache of getting my business together.  Securing dates and contracts as well as signatures from the petitioners for the shows, followed by filling out forms in advance and using the postal system to send paper trails can be slow, confusing and often the process gets delayed causing issues with fulfilling dates.  


It is my intention to become familiar with the immigration process and in the next year start doing more shows south of the border.  I have one exciting engagement in 2017 and I’ve given myself the next year to get up to speed with this process.  I will keep you all posted as I learn about the system and its ins and outs.  Below is a link to a new Immigration Amendment which I will be investigating further.  If you are a Canadian Musician looking to play in the states this is a good place to start.


Please feel free to share any tour border stories below… cheers

“The proposed “Bringing Entertainment Artists to the States” (BEATS) Act, introduced by representatives Dave Trott (R-MI), Chris Collins (D-NY) and Peter Welch (D-VT) would speed up the process of obtaining a P-2 visa for Canadian musicians.”


you dont want to hear my border issues but i can tell you lots about how not to get across

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