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A Year In The Life...

Hey there folks,

Welcome to the newest chapter in my 'online' artistic development.  Over the last year I have had a significant change in my online social media presence.  For over 20 years I've had a very active presence online; making friends with folks even though I have never met some of you in person, promoting music, and basically sharing my life.  I have always found it easy to sit at a keyboard and share what is happening in my life.  There have been great successes, challenges, life developments and it has been with great ease that I have shared these aspects of my life.  


One year ago alongside the release of "No Dark No Light" my wife was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  I have not been public about this up 'til now and it has taken me the better part of the last year to process this information and come to an understanding of how this affects my family life and as well my professional development as a musician.  The changes are great and still being learned.  During this last year I have found it more and more difficult to maintain my online presence - how do I possibly post daily when the main thing on my mind is dealing with a huge life changing development, and one that I have until now been keeping publicly veiled in secrecy.


After much consideration and communication with my wife and family I have decided to create this blog.  It's primary purpose is not only to share the journey of living with MS, however to include elements as I use this blog over the next year to adjust my social media presence.  One thing I have learned is that some things are unchangeable, and adapting to change and not spending time fighting a battle which cannot be won, is the key to moving forward through life.


This blog is not going to be a 'pity party' of the struggle.  I intend over the next year to share my experiences as I continue forward.  I hope to use this as a vehicle to create commentary between myself and the community mostly on the theme of life as an artist, it's wins and losses.  


I receive a fair bit of correspondence from young artists looking for critiques of their music, tour planning, getting a record deal and such.  I do not have the right answers to most of these queries.  What I do have is my experience and I hope to use this blog as a way to shed light on such questions with assistance from viewers to foster a positive and informative place for people to visit and learn/teach.

Here are some goals for the next year:

Life experience as it happens: wife, children, MS, art, getting older etc...

Music: creation, recording, delivery to fans 

Home Studio: setting up the right studio for me with minimal gear (mic reviews, preamps, plug-ins etc) - creating true independence as an artist

Music Business: Online Music Contests, working with PR, video creation, media, radio, posters, graphic design tools, etc...

New and old songs visited with audio and videos


Some upcoming events that should be interesting including:

-The release of "No Dark No Light" in the USA. (hope for some informative insight into the process of releasing a record in another country)

-The Watchmen recording and release of a live album (from the Burton Cummings Theatre in Winnipeg)

-The Ron Hynes live recording and release CD in late summer (from the "Hynesight" show in June at Westben)

Stay tuned...

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Love to you and your family !!!!!!!!!
Ken and Allison, Sending our best wishes and hoping to see you both's been far too long! All the best, Jim and Bev
Great to see you blogging again Ken. I think it will be a great way to appease the masses on the goings on in your world....far easier than answering texts and tweets and messages all day long :-) Looking forward to reading about the happenings with your music and the Tizzard family.
Hey Ken, just wanted to say thanks for your music, generosity, openness and your desire to share your life with us, many who are basically strangers. I went back to college a couple of years ago, and one gal in my class had MS. A single Mom of a toddler. We shared all her ups and downs. You guys will be good, lots of love in your family. Thanks for sharing Judy
Kudos to you and your family for sharing this :)
Hi Ken breaks my heart for anyone who hurts while watching a loved one , and just can't fix it ourselves. It hurts , its frustrating but we do the best we can ..I live that also ..but to know your not alone is so important ...I look forward to following your journey with your girls's tough' but loves tougher '..stay strong man ..wishing you all the best Tizzard family
Hey Kenny, Been thinking of you and the family a lot this past year with all of your set backs. Glad to hear you are coming back slowly. Be strong for your girls and I look forward to all of your new music adventures!

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