Ken Tizzard


The Early Years


watchmain.jpgThe Watchmen

For over a decade this foursome toured relentlessly not only in Canada but also in the US, Europe and Australia. With a series of gold and platinum albums, and countless top-ten singles, The Watchmen left an impression on the Canadian music scene that will not soon disappear. Their energetic live show and steadfast fanbase allowed the Watchmen to continue this journey. Unfortunately, Wednesday, December 31, 2003 was the last show for the Watchmen.

After an eight year split (since original drumer Sammy Kohn left the band), the group reunited in 2008 for what was supposed to be a one show, just for fun, kind of night. This turned into a quick run of shows taking the band through Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Calgary. With talk of more shows on the horizon who knows where this will take them...


McLaren Furnace Room (1992)
In The Trees (1994)
Brand New Day (1996)
Beach Tunes (1997)
Silent Radar (1998)
Live Radar (1998)
Slomotion (2001)
Last Road Trip Download Series (2004)


Several gold and platinum albums and just over a decade later Ken finds himself between records hanging with his brother in law, Big Wreck front-man, Ian Thornley and then Edwin drummer Sekou Lumumba. At the end of a long hot summer the new friends decided to head out for a two-week fun tour that slowly evolved into Thornley. Over the next few years they made a record and tour extensively throughout Canada and the US. The band managed toheadline their own shows successfully and as well gained momentum enough to tour as support for NickelbackThree Doors Down and 3 Days Grace among others.



Come Again (2004)