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To wear or not to wear... underwear that is

It has been some time since we have updated you all on our progress. Allison is doing well, slowly. And we knew it would be a slow recovery going in. Today is day 41 of the 100 day bubble. Let me clarify. Allison is not in a plastic bubble. It is a term used to refer to the time when Allison’s body is beginning to regrow bone marrow and start to develop an immune system.  During this time she is not really allowed to leave the apartment or be exposed to people and germs. It will be two years before everything is “normal” again and during this time we have to be cautious to germs and virus. 

41 days added to the 30 days in hospital puts Allison at day 70+ of almost the exact daily routine. There is only so much reading and Netflix one can endure. 

This leads me to today’s blog inspired by a conversation between Allison and I during our time passing the hours.


I’ve had a back and forth relationship with this garment for most of my life. Mostly I’m comfortable without, but having some time on my hands I decided to see what is going on in the world of mens underwear these days. I could not believe what I’ve been missing out on. 

But what the hell is this...

First off underwear prices have gone up significantly. The days of $12.99 for a four pack of Fruit Of The Loom are no longer the usual. Crazy new materials and pouch and double pouch designs are all the rage. And prices range from $20/$70 a pair. 

I spent part of the day researching and found that there are several choices. Some of which I was aware of and some new to me. Boxers. Boxer briefs. Briefs. Jockstrap. Trunks and thongs. As well a few that I cannot identify. 

And as for design... the pouch thing is totally new to me. Double pouch is fascinating and I have to admit, I am intrigued. 


All in all, things in Ottawa are going well. Might be losing my mind a bit but... par for the course. 

Hope you are all having a great summer.

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