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MS updates!!!

Stem Cell Collection - MS SUCKS in Campbellford and Hair Again!!!

This is a long post.  Last week was incredibly busy and I did keep Social Media Updates flowing but the blogging process takes a little more time and last week was too jam packed full of excitement to get it all out.  Wow where do I start? 

We had been told to come back to the hospital on Wednesday bright and early.  The safe bet was that at this time Allison would be ‘perfect for the harvest.’  (sounded cooler in my head than on paper)  They were right and by mid-morning they were prepping Allison and adjusting levers and buttons on a machine that was ‘somewhat kind of’ but ‘not really anything like’ what I had expected.  Took a while to find a vein, but they did and it all began.

NURSES WEEK… I must take a moment to say a few words about the nurses we have encountered so far.  AMAZING!!! I can’t believe how nice, smart, completely confident, funny and perfect they have all been.  From making us feel welcome and comfortable to the intense medical duties they perform.  I can’t say enough… thanks

8 1/2 hours passed and finally they had collected what they hoped would be enough cells for the transplant, which is to come later down the road.  We packed up and left for the apartment.  We were both completely drained when we returned home.  At just before midnight we received a call from the head transplant nurse informing us that the count was in and they had a fantastic number of cells and we would not have to return for day two of collection.  We slept, hard.

Fundraiser MS SUCKS!!!

On Friday I had the pleasure of returning home to Campbellford to check in on things at the house and as well to attend the MS SUCKS!!! Benefit at the Campbellford Legion Branch 103.  I took the girls out for dinner after soundcheck and had some fine grub at Sideways before heading back to the venue for the night.  So nice to catch up face to face with the kids.  We are so not used to being away from them.

Ok so here is a moment where I need to reach out and say thanks to a whole bunch of people.  This fundraiser took so much work to put together and I had nothing to do with it at all. Thanks to the good folk who contributed their time and energy. 

Ray Kies - The amazing host “Ray On TheRadio”(CKOL) who coordinated all the bands

Barb Begbie - organized all the food to keep people’s bellies full

Sherry Foster - arranged prizes from local businesses and ran the silent auction

Lee Ann Burlie - arranged prizes from local businesses and ran the silent auction

Bill Davenport - arranged Legion and provided backline and band technical ryders

Barry Twohig - stage manager

Dave Hirst - sound production

Legion bartenders

Legion ladies who came in to prepare Nachos for the masses

Family help on kitchen and cleanup duty also 50/50 - Caitlyn and Cassidy Tizzard, Maddy, Faith, Rachael Begbie and extended family.




So nice to get to sing with my daughters...

The Bands:

The Raggedy Andys

The Blue Eyed Dogs

Music For Goats 

The Janet Jeffery Band

Jane Archer and the Reactionaries

Tastes Like Chicken

The Variety Show Players made a last minute appearance

The Legion Branch 103 - Ivan

And to every business (I am awaiting a complete list) who contributed to the evening both Allison and myself are so incredibly appreciative.  Thank you!    

And to all our friends and family who came out to share in this evening of fun times and great music, once again we feel so much a part of this community and are so looking forward to coming back from all of this stronger and better able to contribute back again the way you all have for us.

Wow.   What a night.  The bands and people.  Incredible and I apologize once more for being so weird about not shaking hands or hugging.  Just part of what it is right now… germs and all. 

Hair Again

This one is going to be mostly pictorial… The chemo from when we started is showing its effects.  We knew it was coming.  We ordered a wig.  We had an appointment for a head shaving.  But were we really ready?  Halfway I’d say.  There were some tears but we are doing well and Allison is being so good with me taking pics of these horrible things.  In the moment she grumbles a bit but afterwards is curious to see and I think this documenting is somehow good for us.

This is how it begins...

It just kinda slides off the head...

and then it gets a little thinner...

there is hair everywhere...

time to try on one of the new hats...

a day at the spa... sort of

feeling fresh...

let's get this wig sorted...

feels weird...

a new girl...

first time out in public in weeks...




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The face of bravery! Allison, you're an inspiration. P.S. Loved seeing the picture of Cassidy singing with her sister and Dad.
Thank you for sharing these private, personal moments; the parts that people undergoing treatment never talk about. We never know if/when that day will come for us in the future, and it's helpful to have an idea of what to expect - also helps to understand better what others going through chemo are experiencing when they are unable or unsure about talking about it. Hugs. Btw, Allison, that wig looks gorgeous on you! Cheers.

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