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MS updates!!!

Sometimes it’s hairy around here

Emotion alert!  From time to time I will simply mention my state of mind. These are not cries for help or need for pity or hugs. Just a simple state of mind. 

I’ve been so concerned in comforting Allison that she will be ok when missing the dogs that I am just now recognizing that I am going to miss the dogs myself. The weight of everything is crushing. For two days I have simply been angry.  Waking up mad, brooding all day and going to bed the same. I’m sure it is just part of the process. Onwards. Tomorrow is another day. 

The moon looks almost full out of the 9th floor window of our apartment in Ottawa. I can hear the cars below. Haven’t heard city noise since I moved back to the country 19 years ago. We are here for tonight and tomorrow for our pre-transplant meeting. 8:30 AM. Not bad for Allison who is used to such hours. Not so much for me. Eyes will be held open with sugar and caffeine.  We are both excited for this appointment. This is where they will tell us what to expect over the first half of the procedure. Lots of questions will be answered tomorrow.


Today we stopped by to get started on Allison’s hairless preparation. We picked a wig which suited her and set a date for Allison to come back between chemo phase #1 and stem cell harvesting. This follow-up appointment is to ‘shave’ her head before the hair decides to fall out in clumps. There are so many scary and uncomfortable parts to this trip but taken slowly they are manageable. Allison was at first very emotional about losing her hair but quickly warmed up to the idea as she considered the big picture. 

 On a side note. I have been reading through all the messages that continue to roll in. As a family we have read through them and they are all so incredibly important. You have all given us such great stories and words of encouragement. I hope you will feel comfortable enough to continue leaving messages as this blog grows. 



Comments Section

I love the wig , Allison, you look great! I am so amazed at everything you have had to organize, so it's certainly a major bonus that Allison is so good at creating lists! Such an emotional roller coaster. Will keep sending all kinds of love and positive healing energy in the hope that every little bit helps. And I have LOTS more books whenever they are wanted. Suzan xoxo
Love the hair!! Excellent choice! If nothing else Allison how fun can you make it to be able to change your "do" as often as you like and "commitment -free"! You can sport a mowhawk one day and a Bob the next! Even Ken can't pull that off. Always thinking of you guys and sending positive hopeful vibes. Ken, as a "care giver" myself, all I can tell you are 3 important points : - Anything and everything you feel is real, valid, ok, and allowed. Give yourself permission and acceptance. It's HOW you choose to cope with this that matters. - Schedule "ME" time because you're not going to do it on the fly. You are allowed this time and it will make you more available for Allison and the girls in the end. A Dr. once described it to me as changing where you place yourself on the pyramid. Most of us look at ourselves as the wide base that keeps the pyramid up when we are in a position of taking care of a lot of the responsibility. He said in order to do this tremendous job, one must see themselves as the point at the top. If that point is taken care of first, then it will have all the strength necessary to spread love and happiness and strength onto everything around it. It's not selfish, it's necessary :) - And finally, LAUGH! Laugh often, anytime you possibly can, make shit up to laugh at, make whatever you can funny about a situation, tickle fights, jokes, crying through the laughter, funny faces, anything at all. It's tough, life can suck. Who cares what anybody thinks, laugh. It's the best medicine.
The wig look good Allison!! Make sure you take time for you Ken. I know it’s easier said than done but your emotions are going to all over too. Believe me! Even a short walk helps. You guys got this xo

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