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Settled in for a nice stay in a hospital bed...

Well folks, 

It would be a lie to say we don't have anything to report , however there have been no firetrucks or ambulances in our lives in the last four days.  Allison has settled into the hospital for 8 to 10+ days.  During this time she is receiving a 4 day course of chemo (Busalfin), a day break and then another 4 day course of chemo (Cyclo).  There is also some enzyme treatments which I am not fully up to speed with yet, but when I know I'll share with y'all. For now all I can say is that is is an ATG antibody (grown in rabbits) to clear t cells.


The days are long.  Early start and late end with many hours of sitting with Allison to help get through the time.  In all fairness, it is not so bad.  We have a tv and Netflix so we can waste time if we want to. I also am working a bit on some new songs I have been writing and we are keeping our heads down and getting through.

Today the hospital Physiotherapist dropped in to get Allison some exercises for this time when she is laid up and tied to several tubes. This is a good thing as being in bed 24 hours a day can be exhausting and fatiguing - exercise will help for sure.

Here are some words I poached from one of Allison’s recent “close friends” group post.

Hi ladies, I woke up this morning feeling much better. I am settling into the hospital, the nurses here are fantastic. I started my first day of chemo yesterday and it went well. No nausea I just had a headache at night but they were able to give me something and it was gone by the morning. 

The PICC line is wonderful basically it is two permanent tubes that can be used to get blood and put in fluids, chemo etc. without having to be stabbed continuously considering I need bloodwork daily. 

I don’t have any exciting photos to share of me so I will share more of the girls from Cassidy's Prom last week. I must admit I had a bit of a crying meltdown on Friday not being there with her but I know I’m going through this so that I have a long healthy future with them. Yes I’m going to be the proud mom and share lots of photos.

Also I should mention that a visit from good friend Neil last week flew totally under the radar.  Seeing good friends is important and I appreciate him making the drive to spend some time with us.  The visit went sort of like this: lunch, guitar show, dinner, drinks, sleep, hangover, breakfast and goodbye.  Fun times...


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Allison, those pictures of your girls! So beautiful! Cassidy looks stunning. It breaks my heart to think you couldn't be there. A sacrifice for sure, but all in for the best reason of being there for the future life events.
Hey Ken...great to see you last week!! It was good to catch up. Sending you and Allison good vibes for a successful new birthday!

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