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Never too old to learn a new trick or two...

From Allison... well apparently it only took me 50 years to learn how to apply make up! I attended a Look Good, Feel Better Workshop today. It is a free program run by the Cancer Society. I snuck in, well not really, because I will experience the highs and lows of chemo. 

Anyways they taught us about how to apply wigs, make up, take care of our skin and nails etc. I really enjoyed it and actually applied foundation, blush, concealer, mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick. I have never worn all that in my life. There were tons of cool freebies too! 

Please ignore the crazy amount of gray hair, but figured why dye it because it’s going to be gone soon.

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That is a wonderful program,!! I used to be a cosmetician for Lancome in Ottawa,and was fortunate enough to participate in a makeover event for them. I have had clients who rarely wore makeup, really appreciate the lift of a bit of colour on days when they were feeling not their best. That lipstick looks beautiful in you! We hope your journey finds some new discoveries that bring some positive things in this difficult time. Big hugs to you and your family and know that this little town is thinking of you in a big way! Keeping positive thoughts going your way. Xo
Allison, you look great! I attended one of those sessions with my friend when she was going through chemo. And, you must know by now, that more women are letting their hair go back to its' natural color! I may get brave enough soon! You and your family are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I am following with hopeful anticipation! Love and Hugs to all!
You go, girl! ✊

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