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MS updates!!!

Lists of lists of other lists...

Friday was a big day of outside the house preparations. The girls and I had a fairly substantial list of things to get to prepare Allison’s “Chemo Bag.”  A first for me but it makes sense. Repeated trips to hospital followed by multiple hours of sitting and waiting - and not comfortably we are informed. 

Chemo Bag includes such items as:

Books,Magazines, Lip balm, Water mister for face, Water bottle, Nail conditioner (with nutrients and more), A stuffed animal, Blanket, Candy, Cards, Headphone, iPhone charger etc. 


It was good to get out of the house for a bit. We went for sushi at Hockey Sushi on Landsdowne and I think it is important for the girls to be a part of this process without it being overwhelming or invasive on their own lives. They seem to be taking everything in stride but then again they are teenagers and are quite adept at hiding feelings. 

Speaking of feelings...  My wife thrives on organizing, scheduling, preparing and list making. I have a much more “go with the flow” attitude.  Over the last 25 years I have learned to live with Allison’s need to organize and she has adapted to my disorganized chaos. Together is works. 

But wow!  She is really on fire with the lists recently. For the last ten days or so I have fallen asleep while she is still talking about what has to be done, the most efficient way to do it and as well alternate outcomes or prospective issues. I open my eyes in the morning and there she is, ready to go and ... it picks up right where it left off. We each have ways of coping.  I compartmentalize, play music and use distraction. Allison uses organization. It can be quite funny to see. 

All joking aside.  We are getting more and more used to what is happening in our lives. We are hopeful and excited. I will get into it more in a later post but I have to say that the support we are feeling has been incredible. Friends and family have been offering such great support and the folks in Campbellford have been exceptionally gracious. I have been approached while out in the community by so many folks (many of whom I have not met before) who offer good thoughts and share stories of how Allison (through teaching) or I (through music and community involvement) have been a part of their life.  After twenty years it is really feeling like the family has settled into the realm of being considered locals. It is a nice feeling. 

Ok off to tackle more lists and listen to Allison fill my mind with how to approach each and every detail. Sometimes I think she forgets I am deaf in my right ear. Depending on how I’m sitting it can work in my favour. Lol. Cheers. 

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Wow, 8 think you and Allison are our "married couple twinsies"!! Brian: disorganized, musician, mostly go with the flow. Me: list maker extraordinaire..and to a fault sometimes, planner, organizer, OCD about everything to do with everything. I plan every trip, outing, gig, school stuff. Nice to know our yon and yang has a match in you two 😁. On another note, we are happy to know you all and wish you nothing but the best this year. I believe that your positivity will bring great results. We hope to maybe see you in the city if we get there. We'll keep in touch. Anything the girls need here, please keep us in mind. We're just a text or call away. Hugs to all of you and keep the faith!
Ken, a beautifully written narrative, fascinating and heart wrenching at the same time. Although nowhere as intimidating a journey such as yours and Allison's we have endured our own 4 1/2 year saga of needles, tubes, infusions, chemo and a plethora of pills, plus many hours of sitting on hard chairs in waiting rooms and long anxious waits for "test results". We both wish you all the best for positive outcomes and pray that you can "dig deep" for the necessary strength for the struggle ahead. Allison sounds exactly like Bev, goal oriented, list driven and OCD to the max/ Cheers

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