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MS updates!!!

Hour by Hour, Day by Day

So we are at day 8 - post transplant. The effects of the chemotherapy are still developing and during this time it is extra tough on Allison as she has no immune system to help heal the damage that is happening. 

She has developed significant sores in her mouth and on her tongue and throat. No longer able to talk she has resorted to using a white board to communicate. It is quiet in here. If it wasn’t for the circumstances I’d be tempted to make a husband and wife silence joke - but no, instead I’ll just leave it as a vague reference. 

If I’m not looking at her she knocks on the board - nothing annoying there. Lol. 

We are keeping in good spirits and taking things day by day. We have stopped asking what to expect and how long things will last. It has sunk in that during this time it really is “hour by hour and day by day.” With no immune system there exist many possible turns in the road. Allison is getting some Immuno-Globulin ( sp?) currently and later today is up for another platelet transfusion. 

There is no way to know what the next 100 days will bring. We have to move with the punches so to speak. Luckily our sense of humour is granting us a good armour.

For those who know Allison well, you know that she likes colours and brightness. For her day count I created some kindergarten style numbers. Hard to tell but they are sparkly! Close but not good enough. So Allison ordered on Amazon a package of number flashcards to 100.

Our neurologist, Dr.Rush has been absolutely incredible.  Last week she arrived early in the morning with three tubs of Sorbet for Allison.  Comfort food is a huge bonus when in this state.  As well, yesterday she brought one of her prized graduates by to meet Allison and give some words of encouragement.  Two years after her transplant she is as alive as ever.  Living a busy life full of helping out others going through the same experience.  The main message which Allison is holding on to is that although we are not sure how much of the current MS damage can be healed - this transplant puts us in a position where we are no longer living in fear of attacks and further damage.

Today Allison got up for the first few steps.  Lots of work to do this but as they say - baby steps!!!

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Way to go Allison Baby steps right now. this will help you get stronger as you well know. thinking of you and sending you love

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