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Don't Get Sick, Don't get Sick, DOn't Get sick... oh damn...

Today Allison started her first chemo treatment (Cyclo).  We were all set and ready at the hospital for today; Chemo bag packed, blankets, drinks, lip balm, candy, stuffed animal, books and more.  There is a 4-6 hour infusion followed by monitoring until tomorrow between 11 an 3pm.  The nurses were very pleasant and the rooms nice.  Unfortunately with all the hand washing and disinfecting we have been doing I have developed a sniffle.  I get this a few times a year.  It is not allergies but a short cold which comes in the form of a cough which lasts for about 12-24 hours and a stuffed up nose which hangs around for 3-4 days.  It started on Wednesday and I was not surprised that they did not let me stay on the unit with Allison during this first day in the hospital.  I understand and in fact appreciate the policy, simple virus can be derailing for compromised immune systems and I am fine to stay away. I wish I could be there but this is the cards we have been dealt for today. I know she is in goo hands.

Alison just texted me and she is done with her chemo.  No rash, irritation or Wasabi nose (that's what they call the burning in your sinus that occurs sometimes).  She feels pretty dopey right now and I wish I had more to share on her day but.. I was not there... I can say she is in good spirits and looking forward to coming back to the apartment tomorrow.

We are eating new food and trying to stay healthy.  We met with a company called Simply Raw Express yesterday and started with some juices, salads and soups which will take some getting used to.  I found myself late night munching on a bowl of stuff, really stuff, I am not sure what some of it even was. This too will become a new part of our life.  


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Hi you two. First of all, Ken, thanks for sharing your journey with us. It is nice to be able to see how Allison is doing through this process first hand. Secondly, thanks for not sharing (your cold) although it must be tough to be kept apart at such a time as this. Allison, we are happy to see that your all important first steps have been taken without any setbacks. Secondly, although we will not be having our Room #106 counseling sessions for awhile, just know that you are still thought of in your brief absence from your St. Marys home.....Keep on smiling!!! Ellie and Bill

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