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Breakthrough Day

Breakthrough day!!! Day Ten Post Transplant - It was expected that somewhere around day 12 to 14 we would see some numbers begin to show for Allison’s White Blood Cell and Neutrophil count. Up to this point Allison’s body is in a state of continuing damage (chemo and other therapies) with no cells to help heal. 

Well today Allison’s count started sprouting up. WBC at 1.3 and Neutrophils at 1.1. These are low numbers, but it does indicate that the transplant has taken hold and is starting to work. From here Allison’s body can begin repairing itself. Long road still ahead. We are not out of the woods, but at least we have the map and a compass.

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Sending positive thoughts, vibes, karma, and anything else that will keep things going on this trajectory!

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