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"I like to write songs and play music." - Tizzard

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“Tizzard is a born storyteller… a little Townes Van Zandt can be heard as he performs a descriptive and hugely impressive folk blues number that speaks of how the devil lives in St Johns Newfoundland… his vocal style has more to do with John Hartford than anyone other than himself for presentation, warmed with a hint or two of James McMurtry.” - Maurice Hope - Americana UK


 "No Dark No Light" on Vinyl, CD and iTunes, September 22, 2015.

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No Dark No Light -
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“His new album No Dark No Light is his strongest work yet.  The sparse instrumentation is acoustic-based, allowing Tizzard’s evocative and deeply soul-searching songs to shine.” - Kerry Doole - New Canadian Music

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In true DIY fashion, here are the videos... recorded, shot and produced by Ken Tizzard



Ken Tizzard - "Mud On My Boots (Ode To Frank Meyers)"


 No Dark No Light #6 "Cover Me" Filmed at the Carriage House in Savannah in the Summer of 2014.

No Dark No Light #5 "All Gone" Filmed at the Carriage House in Savannah in the Summer of 2014.

"Pale Blue Sky" is the third video in the No Dark No Light series.

 "Fare Thee Well" is the second song in the No Dark No Light Series.  

The Devil - No Dark No Light #1


"One Frost Away" is the fourth in the No Dark No Light series...this is a photo/lyric video for the demo which was made available for download last Christmas...

“…gentle giant is a musician with a gift for storytelling that is unrivalled. His voice can be soft and warm like a summer rain, or rough and tumble like a much-travelled gravel road. He is a modern troubadour, a young Canadian whose sound would do Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger proud.” - Al Beeber - Lethbridge Herald
“Ken Tizzard continues to impress as a multi-talented artist” - Rolly Ethier - The Sheild
“…the type of stuff you'd hear in a (pre-bylaw) smoky bar, with a harsh, heavy domestic beer in your hand, listening to a crooner sing his heart out for truck drivers and seasoned cougars.” - Bill Alexander - Soundproof




Ken Tizzard With Bad Intent - "The Goodness Of Bad Intent" 

Recorded by John Whynot at The Woodshed studio...






“Lost in Awe” is a collection of 15 songs inspired by real people and events from Ken Tizzard’s Life. Conceived and written while on a summer tour in 2007 Ken found himself newly motivated by the awesome nature of the Rocky Mountains of Alberta and Montana.






Recorded on a hung over New Years day, "Live at the Acoustic Grill" captures the live antics that make up the Variety Show Players. Featuring songs by Ken Tizzard, Dave Mowat and Ken Layton.





"Between The Lines" was written and recorded with Ken Layton and Dave Mowat - "Modern Old Style Country Rock."







"Quiet Storey introduction." is Ken Tizzard's first solo CD. With Ken's primary passion being the bass guitar it took him some time to discover the unique sonic textures that he would use to create music using the bass as a primary accompaniment.



"Mud On My Boots" recorded for Frank Meyers and the Save Franks Farm campaign...




 Ken Tizzard With Bad Intent

"A Pedal Steel Rock and Roll Experience."

Videos from 'The Goodness Of Bad Intent"

"This Town Of Mine" 

"The Other Side Of Wrong"

"Time To Remember"

(Born - St.John’s, Newfoundland – 07/05/69) Musician – Father – Husband – Tall – Teacher – Traveler – Student - Addict – Writer – Singer – Bassist – Friend – Storyteller – Believer – Lover – Listener – Owner – Sinner – Aging – Performer – Liar – Thinker – Fighter – Driver – Optimist + more