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Thanks to everybody for their help and understanding over the last few years.  Although we won't fully know the success of my wife's stem cell bone marrow transplant for some time, the doctors tell us that she is doing amazingly well and expectations are good for the future.  

2020 will bring you the next album and a return to regular tour dates.  Special thanks to the promoters who continued to keep me working while our home life was so chaotic.

$15.00 direct from artist  (plus shipping)


Available now..."A Good Dog Is Lost" (digital) 


“Tizzard is a born storyteller… a little Townes Van Zandt can be heard as he performs a descriptive and hugely impressive folk blues number that speaks of how the devil lives in St Johns Newfoundland… his vocal style has more to do with John Hartford than anyone other than himself for presentation, warmed with a hint or two of James McMurtry.” - Maurice Hope - Americana UK